Installation prerequisites

CausalNex supports macOS, Linux and Windows (7 / 8 / 10 and Windows Server 2016+). If you encounter any problems on these platforms, please check the FAQ, and / or the Alchemy community support on Slack.

macOS / Linux

In order to work effectively with CausalNex projects, we highly recommend you download and install Anaconda (Python 3.x version).


You will require admin rights to complete the installation of the following tools on your machine:

Python virtual environments

Python’s virtual environments can be used to isolate the dependencies of different individual projects, avoiding Python version conflicts. They also prevent permission issues for non-administrator users. For more information, please refer to this guide.

Using conda

We recommend creating your virtual environment using conda, a package and environment manager program bundled with Anaconda.

Create an environment with conda

Use conda create to create a python 3.6 environment called environment_name by running:

conda create --name environment_name python=3.6

Activate an environment with conda

Use conda activate to activate an environment called environment_name by running:

conda activate environment_name

When you want to deactivate the environment you are using with CausalNex, you can use conda deactivate:

conda deactivate

Other conda commands

To list all existing conda environments:

conda env list

To delete an environment:

conda remove --name environment_name --all

Alternatives to conda

If you prefer an alternative environment manager such as venv, pyenv, etc, please read their respective documentation.